Antonini: LUPO
Farm - Garden

9301/23 N

BLADE: 100 mm - 3.94”
OVERALL: 230 mm - 9.06”
CLOSED: 130 mm - 5.12”
WEIGHT: 95 g - 3.35 oz

New collection of working knives, available in 4 sizes, particularly suitable for agricultural use. The handles, made of tough plastic, are simply shaped, basic and highly ergonomic. Blade available in either high grade carbon steel with satin finish or Aisi 420 stainless steel, with mirror-polished finish. These models have no return spring; the blade is fixed to the handle by means of a sturdy brass safety ring (“Lupo” patent, which gives the name to the whole line) with a special locking device, engageable in both open and closed position.

BLADE: Hardened high carbon or Aisi 420 steel - HRC 54/56
FINISHING: satined carbon steel or polished stainless steel
HANDLE: coloured nylon (see colours detail)
SAFETY RING: Brass with locking